Just want to wish you all in USA for a Happy Independence Day!

We were planning to go to see the fireworks this evening but due to few things, we decided to stay home and watch it from TV. Weather in Seattle is a bit murky today. I barely could breath well when we had late lunch at Bellevue’s Gyu-kaku. It is a strange air quality with tad of smoky smell. I just googled air quality for seattle area and saw it’s at 97 Air Quality Index (AQI) with main pollutant is Nitrogen Dioxide. What? Turns out combustion from fireworks may release Nitrogen Dioxide and Sufur Dioxide into the air. However, I’ve never had this at the level of where I have difficulty to breath.

Oh well, for those who don’t have respiratory problem like me, enjoy the beautiful fireworks show tonight everywhere you are in US (or from TV like us).



Fireworks picture is courtesy of https://picjumbo.com/colorful-fireworks-pyrotechnics-against-black-night-sky/. Photo is copyright of its respective owner.