We happened to stay in this hotel by “accident”. It was due to our miscalculation, hence we missed the last Shinkansen train from Hiroshima to Kobe. One of the JR station officer helped us to book our Shinkansen for the early morning the next day and gave the list of hotels nearby the station. Despite of his kindness, the hotels nearby the JR Hiroshima station were either full or had sky-high prices. In our frantic search, I found one particular hotel in Hiroshima that I remember I had read about upon our planning time.

Initially before booking our flight to Japan, we thought we could spend at least one night in Hiroshima. However the other team members reminded us that they did not want to move to new hotel everyday (despite of wanting to visit Hiroshima). I was worried that we would not make it. My worry turned out to be true. As we missed the train to go back to JR Hiroshima station, we missed our last Shinkansen train! Luckily I was able to get rooms at Daiwa Roynet Hiroshima hotel with the help of Hotels.com from my iPhone (it was almost midnight). I redeemed one of my free night there. I actually felt very relieved that we were able to get the room, considering that day was actually a big holiday and most hotel rooms were fully booked.

Due to the “emergency” nature of our stay in this hotel, I can’t give much review since literally we only stayed for brief period of time (less than 7 hours) but I feel obligated to give the review anyway. We took taxi to go to Daiwa Roynet Hiroshima (spent about less than 1500 yen). Once there, we were greeted by one person (which happened to be the only person to handle the front desk at that time). He gave us a bag with extra towels and yukata. The hotel rooms were quite clean. For americans, perhaps they would think the room too small for their size, but to us, it’s comparable with many 3 stars hotels that we had been before. Actually I quite like the bed. It’s on the firm side and good for my back. The room amenities were quite complete. There is a small portable AC/humidifier that you could use since the room’s AC seems to be for heater mode only during this season.

Daiwa Roynet Hiroshima 000Daiwa Roynet Hiroshima 001Daiwa Roynet Hiroshima 002Daiwa Roynet Hiroshima 003Daiwa Roynet Hiroshima 004Daiwa Roynet Hiroshima 005Daiwa Roynet Hiroshima 006Daiwa Roynet Hiroshima 007Daiwa Roynet Hiroshima 008Daiwa Roynet Hiroshima 012Daiwa Roynet Hiroshima 014Daiwa Roynet Hiroshima 013Daiwa Roynet Hiroshima 015Daiwa Roynet Hiroshima 016Daiwa Roynet Hiroshima 010Daiwa Roynet Hiroshima 018Daiwa Roynet Hiroshima 009Daiwa Roynet Hiroshima 011Daiwa Roynet Hiroshima 017

After a hot shower, we were able to go to sleep, although only for brief period (about 5 hours) as we had to go back to JR Hiroshima station before 6AM. The receptionist gave us a morning wake up call as I ordered. The same person who helped us last night was still there. He told me that he already called taxi and it was waiting at the left side of the hotel. Since neither of us had luggage to carry (our luggage was still at Kobe!), we briefly departed the hotel. Before leaving, I told the receptionist guy that we owed much to him. I promised myself that I will go here again when we visit Hiroshima again in future.

We definitely agree with this hotel’s motto: It is indeed a no non-sense hotel!

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Hotel Review: Daiwa Roynet Hiroshima
Our Takeaways
A no nonsense hotel, located at the heart of Hiroshima, near Peace memorial museum and other major interests in Hiroshima. Can't go wrong with this if you need basic hotel but good service and amenities.
Hotel Review - Comfort8.5
Hotel Review - Location9
Hotel Review - Service9
Hotel Review - Quality8.5
Hotel Review - Cleanliness9
Hotel Review - Value9.3
Hotel Review - Hotel Facilities7.5
Hotel Review - Room Amenities7.5
Hotel Review - Entertainment / Fun8
Hotel Review - Communication8
Reader Rating0 Votes0
Near Peace Memorial Museum and other major interests in Hiroshima.
Good service and decent amenities.
Room is a bit small but decent enough for a family.


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