A very unique hotel that’s just located across JR Shin-Sapporo station. The hotel looked like something straight from Las Vegas boulevard. Its location in Shin-Sapporo is perfect for those folks who want to be still near to New Chitose airport but also still near to Sapporo city. With many shopping malls nearby, this hotel offers attractive features for people who make brief transit to this city and for tourists as well. In fact, we noticed that many pilots and aircrews from many different airlines make this hotel as their place to stay for their brief visit.

We came to this hotel straight from Otaru, as the last stop in our Hokkaido trip before heading back to Tokyo. It’s not difficult to find the hotel since we just simply follow the direction in JR Shin-Sapporo station. Despite of it was late March, weather at night can be colder than during noon. However the hotel’s unique exterior facade which welcomed us at that evening, made us felt warmer despite of the cold air.

Hotel Emisia Sapporo Night View from outside 00Hotel Emisia Sapporo Night View from outside 01Direction from Shin-Sapporo Station to Hotel Emisia SapporoHotel Emisia Sapporo Night View from outside 02Hotel Emisia Sapporo Night View from outside 03Hotel Emisia Sapporo Night View from outside 04Hotel Emisia Sapporo Night View from outside 05Hotel Emisia Sapporo Night View from outside 06Hotel Emisia Sapporo - ElevatorHotel Emisia Sapporo - EscalatorHotel Emisia Sapporo - Dolls from Around The World exhibitHotel Emisia Sapporo - Chapel 01Hotel Emisia Sapporo - Chapel 02Hotel Emisia Sapporo - Chapel 03Buffet Breakfast at Hotel Emisia Sapporo 03Hotel Emisia Sapporo - Chapel 04Hotel Emisia Sapporo - Chapel 05 FixtureHotel Emisia Sapporo - Chapel 06 FixtureBuffet Breakfast at Hotel Emisia Sapporo 01Buffet Breakfast at Hotel Emisia Sapporo 02Toarco Toraja Coffee House at Hotel Emisia Sapporo 00Toarco Toraja Coffee House at Hotel Emisia Sapporo 01Shin Sapporo Panorama from Hotel Emisia Sapporo Hotel Room 01Shin Sapporo Panorama from Hotel Emisia Sapporo Hotel Room 02Shin Sapporo Panorama from Hotel Emisia Sapporo Hotel Room 03Shin Sapporo Panorama from Hotel Emisia Sapporo Hotel Room 04Shin Sapporo Panorama from Hotel Emisia Sapporo Hotel Room 05Hotel Emisia Sapporo - Lobby at early morning 00Hotel Emisia Sapporo - Men Restroom at Lobby 01Hotel Emisia Sapporo - Men Restroom at Lobby 02Hotel Emisia Sapporo - Lobby at early morning 02Hotel Emisia Sapporo - Lobby at early morning 01Hotel Emisia Sapporo - Guest room 01Hotel Emisia Sapporo - Guest room 02Hotel Emisia Sapporo - Guest room Bathroom


As we walked closer to the hotel’s entrance, we could see the chapel’s exterior on the right side of the hotel which has greenish roof with white and stone grey wall colors. There were some snows near the side entrance of the hotel but all parking lots and nearby roads were pretty much clean from snow/ice (which was quite a contrast than what we saw at some roads in Otaru and Sapporo downtown that we still could see many of them were covered by snow and ice at that time).

The hotel’s lobby area was quite big. There were plenty of seatings in the middle of lobby, hence guests can wait while sitting in lobby (surprisingly we found some other hotels don’t think such seating facility is important for the guests). Check-in process was quite brief and standard. The receptionist responded well with our requests for the need of large group and provided a very good service to us. One thing that I do notice was those folks who work at front desk were working very late (it was almost midnight) but we were surprised to still see them in the morning! Initially we thought they were part of the evening/morning shift but they were there for the rest of the day since next morning too. They didn’t look tired or anything that indicated they needed rest. We admire their dedication to their job! Especially to one young lady there whom never ran out of her smile. She deserves a gold medal.

Using one of the many elevators to go up, our rooms were at the top level. We could see the surrounding Shin-Sapporo area very clearly. The rooms were quite big. We started to really really like the big rooms trend in the hotels that we stayed during our trip in Hokkaido. The price is not much different than hotels with similar star ratings in Tokyo area. Some of them were even cheaper. During weekends, we could see price increase, but they weren’t as much as price increase that we usually see in Tokyo area’s hotels. The hotel has more than 500 rooms with 32 floors, so it’s considered as quite big in Shin-Sapporo area, the second city center of Sapporo.

The rooms that we got were non-smoking rooms and they were clean and not smelly. Room amenities were standard and Wi-fi was fast enough. The beds were quite comfortable. As usual, room’s central AC was only heater mode during cold seasons. We had to use portable AC/humidier. I didn’t get much to watch TV channels since it was already very late night and we were very tired. I did see they have plenty Japanese television channels to choose from. Unfortunately at this time, I didn’t have time to enjoy the free onsen facility at this hotel because it was already late night and tomorrow we have to catch train to go back to Tokyo.

Next morning, we got up pretty early, considering we came late last night. The anticipated buffet style breakfast at Cafe Dom was already full of hungry guests. Interestingly, the restaurant was in open Atrium area near the chapel. The chapel itself was quite an attraction. It looked like a mini version of Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, France. The restaurant serves Western-style and Japanese-style breakfasts with ingredients from Hokkaido’s local produce. The pastries were quite a feat. We really enjoyed that morning breakfast in the Atrium, while looking at the beauty of the chapel’s facade and decorations. This hotel is truly unique and we never had seen things like this anywhere else in Japan so far. The Cafe apparently serves coffee with “Toarco Toraja” brand. The name seems familiar to the ear of Indonesian folks in our team, as it reminds them about a place called Toraja in South Sulawesi.

Upon checkout time at 11AM, we asked the concierge to store our luggages while we took a stroll in Sapporo for lunch. During the checkout time, we saw many pilots and airplane attendants were lining up to wait for their shuttle to go to the airport. It seems this hotel is very popular for those airplane crews due to its proximity with the airport. After lunch, we returned to the hotel, did a little shopping a little bit at the bakery and shop near the hotel’s lobby area before heading to JR Shin-Sapporo to catch our train to Hakodate and from there, we’ll take Hayabusa Shinkansen to go back to Tokyo. Our stay in Hotel Emisia Shin-Sapporo was indeed memorable and satisfying. We will definitely choose to stay at this hotel again in future if we ever go to Shin-Sapporo area.


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Hotel Review: Hotel Emisia Sapporo
Our Takeaways
An outstanding hotel in Shin-Sapporo. Has Vegas-like exterior facade. Good quality and service.
Hotel Review - Comfort9.2
Hotel Review - Location8.7
Hotel Review - Service9.5
Hotel Review - Quality9.5
Hotel Review - Cleanliness9.5
Hotel Review - Value9
Hotel Review - Hotel Facilities9
Hotel Review - Room Amenities9
Hotel Review - Entertainment / Fun9
Hotel Review - Communication9
Location is near JR Shin-Sapporo station..
Near shopping malls.
Buffet Breakfast is top quality.
Has interesting chapel facade.
A bit far from Sapporo city but ideal for folks who want to be near the New Chitose airport.


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