The B Kobe was among many hotels in Kobe that we reviewed before making decision. It won our selection due to its location and attractive price. The location is unbeatable since it’s right in Sannomiya district. The price was a winner too. If you were looking for a nice view, this hotel is not for you since it’s not a high rise building and right in the center of Kobe. I would recommend ANA Crowne Plaza Kobe for such venture. In fact, that hotel was our first selection until we decided to move closer to Sannomiya district instead of Shin-Kobe area.

To us, non-smoking rooms are our most important factor since we can’t stand smoking odor in the room. When we arrived there, we were glad that the non-smoking rooms that they gave us was indeed has no smoking odor or any other foul smells. The rooms were clean.

Interestingly this hotel’s lobby is in the second floor. You need to take the escalator to go up to the lobby. The first floor is occupied by restaurant and cafe. There are two small elevators for guest rooms, right next to the receptionist desk. At the lobby, guests can enjoy free coffee and Wifi. 

In the room, there is Wifi too and the connection speed was quite fast. The single beds were quite comfy. Actually the beds are rather firm, which are good for my back. The bathroom is an interesting one. It has a long shape and the wall is in yellow greenish color. The smart bidet toilet will open the lid automatically if it detects your presence and close the lid when you move away from it. The shower peculiarly has a place where guest can sit down while taking shower. This will be very beneficial for elderly people, although it’s not particularly helpful for people with disabilities since you have to step up to the shower as it’s placed higher than the bathroom’s floor. There is no bath tub however, but it’s not a deal breaker since none of us would take bath tub on this trip (we’d rather go to Onsen or Sento for such pleasure). Travelling with kids can be rather convenient with this hotel when you find coin-operated washer-dryer machines facility in this hotel. Vending machines also can be found in most floors of this hotel.

Upon entering the hotel from the road side, there is a short wheelchair ramp to allow guests with wheelchairs and luggage to go upstairs. During certain days, this hotel can be full of tourist groups as tour buses dropped their passengers here rather frequently. We saw people coming from China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Korea and Indonesia in big groups. I didn’t have opportunity to try the breakfast buffet in the morning but one of our team members tried the japanese-italian style buffet and she quite liked it, especially the breads. For us, having italian breakfast could be quite heavy.

To reach this hotel, we took subway from JR Shin-Kobe station to Sannomiya subway station (not JR Sannomiya station). Unfortunately our IC Cards (Pasmo, Suica) that we got from JR Station in Tokyo can’t be used here. They have different IC Cards. That gave us a lesson. However it didn’t make us worry since the subway cost was quite small. Later we learnt that for a small group of people, it’s better to take taxi, especially when you have to drag the luggage with you and not all station exits have elevators/escalators. From this hotel to JR Sannomiya station, it only costs us less than 1000 yen to take taxi. 

There is a small shrine located near the hotel (right behind the Tokyu Hands store which is near the hotel as well). The Sannomiya subway station has multiple exits, so either read the sign carefully or ask the station officer for directions. Our west exit to the hotel didn’t have escalator/elevator so we instead took elevator at Tokyu Hands basement level floor to go up to the street level. For foods, you can walk around Sannomiya district as there are tons of restaurants and food courts available. For big shopping malls, they are located around JR Sannomiya station, which is can be reached by walking for about few minutes towards east direction. Hotel staffs are friendly and can be resourceful to ask around for places that you want to go. We definitely will stay in this hotel again if we want to explore Kobe, especially at Sannomiya district.


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Hotel Review: The B Kobe – Kobe, Japan
Our Takeaways
Right in Sannomiya district of Kobe. Most of attractions are within walking distance. Hotel shower has a place to sitdown while taking shower. Clean and quiet room. Good value for people who want to visit Kobe's Sannomiya.
Hotel Review - Comfort9
Hotel Review - Location9.5
Hotel Review - Service8.5
Hotel Review - Quality8.5
Hotel Review - Cleanliness9
Hotel Review - Value9.5
Hotel Review - Hotel Facilities8.5
Hotel Review - Room Amenities8.5
Hotel Review - Entertainment / Fun8
Hotel Review - Communication8.5
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Location is right in Sannomiya district. Easy access to anywhere. Walking distance to major attractions nearby.
Shower has a section where people can sit down while taking shower. Good for elderly people.
Room has good enough size with standard amenities.
Elevator and the room can be a bit small for large families with many big luggage.
Can be very crowded during tourist heavy season.
Lobby is not at the ground floor. Can be difficult to drag luggage to second floor. Escalator is only one person wide.


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