When the news of Anthony Bourdain’s passing on June 8th, 2018, I was in disbelief. The news was so hard to accept. My mental anguish was so severe. We have been the big fans of him. And now we are left with his legacy. The culinary world was in deep mourning.

I still remember watching his Travel Channel’s “No Reservations” show circa 2005 – 2012 as well as Travel Channel’s “The Layover” from 2011 – 2013. If I remember correctly, it was one of his first season of that show. It made us really want to go travelling and try different kind of local foods, exploring places that we never could imagine before. His style and the way he told the experience was just simply unique. I am yet to find anyone who can match his.

There were some period of time when we briefly lost his show when he took position at CNN and started a new show called “Parts Unknown”. To be frank, we were surprised that he was no longer with Travel Channel. But then we found the same spirit of him with the new show. Unfortunately we decided to ditch the cable since 2013 after our son’s birth as we did not think we’d have time watching all those channels. We instead followed him using internet.

Now, after almost one month of his death, we are still in mourning. Watching his past shows brought a bit of joy as well as tears. Perhaps we can’t ever forget him. I just checked today the footprints of him on social networks and others. Unfortunately the www.anthonybourdain.com seems to be suspended already (but http://www.anthonybourdain.net/ seems to be online). His twitter and facebook are still there with his last postings.

Regardless of the circumstance of his death, we only can say thank you to him and forever in debt of his influences and legacies of his shows. We hope we can continue travelling and follow his culinary foot steps around the world. And please help prevent suicide. It may not be hard to spot any signs but when you do, please let them know that they are not alone and people can help. Life is precious.

Farewell, Anthony and thank you!


Note: featured photo of this post is shown here only to pay respect to Anthony Bourdain (not for commercial). Its trademark and copyright belong to its respective owners.


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