It took me a while to choose restaurant for my lunch while in Kyoto Station’s Hachijo-guchi area. I ended up spending more than 15 minutes walking along the Asty Road, which is located at the far eastern part of that area. There were so many choices but I decided to pick something unusual for my lunch. I skipped Sushi, Tempura, Ramen and other “”common”” theme restaurants and decided to choose this restaurant with a quite long name: Kamado Takitate Gohan Doi (Google translated this into “”Furnace kettle with fresh rice””. I kinda got the meaning despite of I don’t speak or read Japanese very well). What’s unusual is this restaurant offers you all-you-can-eat Japanese pickles! Of course they also have “”normal”” main menus. I told myself I can’t miss this opportunity to try all of the Japanese pickles.


For the main course, I chose a complete set (“”setto””) of friend chicken (“”Kara-age””) with tempura and croquette (“”Potato korokke””). Despite of their interior looked low-key, their foods were a killer. I went back and forth to try the pickles in the island near the back of the entrance.


During my lunch here, I saw something that I can’t believe my own eyes. I saw someone whose resemblance similar like a young little girl that I saw in Kyoto station 10 years ago when I first visited Japan but now she looked like already a teenager (high school student perhaps?). At that time long back then, she was with her mother, going to eat lunch at Kyoto station! Why was this so special? Because what caught my attention was she looked almost the same as Shizuka from Doraemon Japanese Cartoon (if she ever became a real human). That incident really made my day. I got myself a good chuckle. Doraemon was something that was hugely popular among Japanese comics fans in the 90s during my school time.


Having lunch in Kyoto station was something that brought back my good old memories of the days that we spent in Kyoto back in 2007. It always be a different experience everytime we visit Kyoto but the nice atmosphere was the same. Unfortunately I can’t spend too much time in Kyoto that day since my friend is waiting for me in Otsu that afternoon (hence I didn’t get many photos of this place as I was in hurry). After my lunch, I went to second floor at Kyoto station to get to my next train to Otsu city from Kyoto. It was a very good lunch indeed.



Kyoto City Kyoto 600-0000 Kyōto-fu, Kyōto-shi, Higashishiokōji Takakurachō,  8-3

JR Kyoto Station Hachijyuchi 1st Floor ASTY ROAD (Area: Kyoto Station)

Tel: 075-634-8545

(Please verify the address since I only got it from third party source and relied on Google translate/maps)