Restaurant Review: Saizeriya Italian Restaurant (Sunpiazza Duo, Shin-Sapporo, Japan)


As we arrived at Shin-Sapporo station quite late at night (around 9PM), many of nearby restaurants and shopping malls have closed or about to close. Near Shin-Sapporo station, there was a shopping mall (Sunpiazza Duo) and AEON mall. However most of the stores over there were already closed. As we were looking for any restaurants, the mall directory showed the food court has already closed but the restaurants at 5th floor were still open. As we arrived at the fifth floor, there were not many choices. The strong candidates for our dinner place were a ramen shop, japanese traditional restaurant and to our surprise: Saizeriya italian restaurant!It was still open until very late night (10.30PM), so we still had couple hours before it’s closing.

Before we came to Japan, we had watched many videos in Youtube about Saizeriya. It seems an interesting dining place that offers value for travellers on the budget. The prices were not expensive and there are free refills for drinks (very unusual for restaurants in Japan). We didn’t expect to get quality as high as regular italian restaurants but to our surprise, the foods that we had during our dining at Saizeriya were quite decent. It took us a while to scan the menu (you may find it here: which was quite thick and full of foods that made us salivating while looking at them.  The dessert section at the back of the menu was enough to convince ourself that our choice was not wrong.

I got myself a hamburg steak. I couldn’t stop drinking the Melon Fanta, despite of the bright green color. For dessert, we ended our dinner with Ice Tiramisu and Italian Custard pudding. We were quite satisfied by the service although they only had two people working at that small restaurant place. Besides us, there were three group of customers having dinner at that late night. We will definitely go to Saizeriya if we ever found ourself in the same situation next time we go to Japan.



5-6-3 Atsubetsu Chuo 2 Jo, Atsubetsu-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido – Japan

Ph: +81 11-890-2696