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Hello and welcome to our travel blog! Thank you for being our readers. Please allow us to introduce yourself.

Our Mission

This blog was born from our passion for travelling and enjoying the beauty of what the world can offer. We believe each travel experience is unique, even when we may have visited the same places more than once. We feel that sharing those travel experiences as well as the knowledge that we gain before, during and after the travels would be beneficial to others. Regardless of how many travel blogs and magazines out there, we try to keep our blog unique, simple and honest. We hope our readers will enjoy our blog. If you love travelling like us, you could check out our travel club meetups and share your stories with us.

Our Story

We are currently based in a beautiful Emerald city, Seattle in Pacific Northwest region of USA. Originally TravelMaga was started as a personal blog around 2007 after our first visit to Japan. It was using a different name (“Seattle Cerulean”). We kept blogging until March 2011 when triple disasters struck Japan. Lot of things happened since then. Our travel blog was put on hold. However, we didn’t stop travelling. In fact, we traveled across the globe and visited countries and places that we never been there before. And in mid 2016, a desire to revive our blog came as we felt compelled to do so, especially when we were planning to fulfill our promise to visit our friends in Japan again after 10 years have gone by. We chose to use the new name for our blog: TravelMaga (Maga stands for Magazine) to keep it rhyme with its upcoming sister website which is specialized for our other passions. The “Maga” suffix was also actually inspired from a local Japanese periodical publication (which is unrelated to us and have different purpose/goal). Our blog is sponsored by us alone currently but we are open for any benevolent sponsors/advertisers to kindly support our mission. Please see our sponsorship and advertising page for further info.

Meet the Team

Andrew & Ally – TravelMaga Founders

Hi! I am Andrew and I have been living in Seattle area since late 90s. I met my wife, Ally, here in beautiful Emerald city and got married. I created our first blog when we made our first trip to Japan for our honeymoon in 2007. The beauty of Pacific Northwest and Japan inspired me to be a blogger. Both my wife and I love travelling. Ever since then, we have been crisscrossing Pacific and Atlantic oceans to go to various places in the world and we intend to keep doing that, despite of travelling via air is getting less convenient nowadays.

I am an IT guy by profession (read: “geek”) who have been working in IT industry since early 90s. However, I am also a travel enthusiast, an amateur/hobbyist photographer, a book author, a music lover, a moviegoer, a foodie, and also a dad who happens still have time to be a blogger too. My wife works in Finance and she is mostly the opposite of me in terms of hobbies (hence, she is my “other half”). However, she does love travel and enjoys the scenery and experience during our travel together. Sometimes we had to travel alone in certain cases, but we prefer if we could travel together. When we can’t travel together, we share our stories and photos/videos during our travel routinely.

With our love for travelling is still limited by our busy days at work and home, we always treasure any travel experience and stories from around the world. It is our ultimate dream to leave behind our corporate world (aka “retirement”) and dedicate our self to our other interests. We would love to meet and go travelling with new friends to travel together to beautiful places while learning local arts, traditions, language, foods (a must for foodie) and also mingle with locals. Hopefully one day we can organize a travel club org where that dream can be fulfilled. We hope by writing this blog, we can keep that spirit of dream alive.

Life is too short to spend only behind your office desk. The ever increasing demand to work longer hours and higher responsibilities seem to erode our ability to see there are yet part of our life that we must preserve and nourish. We are not getting any younger. Our life can be cut short anytime without notice. Travel whenever and wherever you can. For busy people in the busy modern world, it seems difficult to allocate enough time to travel. Even in such condition, a short break taking walk in the park near office or take a different route when doing the commute can be considered as travel too.

We often hear great travel experience from different sources, but each person has different taste and preference. As long as we appreciate the experience, we should be good. The only down side of travel is it may makes us wanting more, which is ok and healthy as long as it is planned well. Hopefully my blog can be helpful for readers to enjoy their future travels better and enrich the travel knowledge by sharing experience with others. By that, we can encourage people to say proudly “We love travelling”!

P.S.: Please pardon any mess and lack of fancy features in our blog since we do this only in our limited free time. Also we don’t have any formal editor, so please also pardon of any misspelling or error in grammar as well as semantic errors. We will try to keep our blog updated as often as possible but sometimes our life mandates different priority. We apologize for any inconvenience.


TravelMaga Seattle team 

Contributor: Teddy K
An avid Hi-Fi audio fans who knows Seattle like the back of his hands. He previously lived in Oregon and moved to Seattle in early 90s and fell in love with the city. He will be our contributors for Seattle downtown areas as well as for our other blog for tech and geeks’ related stuffs.


TravelMaga Japan team

Contributors: OG, KK
Our contributors from Japan: one in Kanto region and the other in Kansai region. To us, they are our family. Hopefully we could get more contributors from Japan as well as other countries.


TravelMaga South-East Asia, Middle-East, Australia and Europe team

Contributors: FL,HS,SS
For South-East Asia, Middle-East, Australia and Europe, this group of brothers and sisters will be our contributor for travel stories. They are avid traveller who frequently travel to different part of the worlds.

Our contributors currently do not get paid by any sponsors and not employed by TravelMaga. They provided articles and medias to us for free in order to share their travel experience with us. If there is any paid articles, we will mention it explicitly in the article. You may contribute to us by sending your travel experience to us but at this launching time, TravelMaga cannot give any compensation until we are officially starting to get any regular income from sponsors. Also we are using a short alias for our contributors and never reveal their names unless if they stated otherwise. Using aliases is to protect the privacy of our contributors since they have their own life and daytime job/business. Please see our FAQ, Terms of Use and Privacy Notice pages for additional info.