This is our review for the first hotel that we stayed during our trip to Hokkaido last Spring 2017. The criteria for us to select the first hotel in Sapporo was to be close to main tourist attraction area in downtown Sapporo. Prior to this selection, we chose APA Hotel and Resort Sapporo. However we changed that after we realized that it was located a bit far than what we needed. If not due to location requirement, we would have stayed at APA Hotel and Resort Sapporo as it is more economical for our big group. We ended up choosing Hotel MyStays Premier Sapporo Park since it’s quite close to Susukino area (but not too close since we don’t want to stay in crowded downtown area). Surely it was more expensive than our first choice, however our splurge was not for nothing. Hotel MyStays Premier Sapporo Park indeed delivered the service and quality that we were looking for within that extra budget. I found this hotel is unlike the regular budget hotel that MyStays hotel chain usually associated for. It seems this hotel which has the “MyStays Premier” brand, indicates it has higher class than the regular MyStays hotels.

On the everning of our arrival (we took train from Hakodate), we happened to go to the wrong hotel with almost the same name but turns out to be about one/two stations away in the other side of Sapporo Park. So be sure to know which subway station to go to from JR Sapporo station (please note that we came from that station, not JR Shin Sapporo). Some streets in Sapporo (especially not near city center) could be full of ice and snow during Winter and Spring (we went there during late March 2017). However from Subway station near the hotel to the hotel, we didn’t find any difficulties since the roads and walkways were mostly cleaned from snow and ice. It is always recommended to walk carefully during such seasons to avoid accidents due to slippery walking surface, despite of the roads are cleared or not.

Since the hotel is located at the corner of triangular shape of city block, guests can enter from front (west) or back (east side) or from north side. When we entered the hotel, we were greeted by hotel receptionist. He seemed to understand that we were already tired from our journey and immediately prepared everything for us. There was a big banner of TripAdvisor in the wall that indicated the hotel has good review rating from TripAdvisor site. 

After we checked in, we went outside to find dinner at nearby Susukino area (I’ll post the story later). When we went back to our hotel, it was already late night. I decided to try the indoor hot spring/onsen facility in the hotel. I was wearing Yukata that hotel provided to guests in the room. I had to bring my own towel and the hotel room card key in order to enter the onsen facility. Perhaps it was already quite late at night, there was not many people in the big onsen. It was my first Onsen experience in Japan actually. Some people may have problems with going to Onsen (being naked in front of other folks while taking bath), however it is not a problem for me. Men and women side of Onsen are separated. The steam coming from the hot spring water filled the big room and there were few different hot springs that people can try. Of course, you have to clean up your body first using the plenty of individual bath stations (which I did quite enjoy it) before going to the hot springs. All of my body ache from the journey seemed to go away. 

We did not realize it that it is common in Japan, especially at places with colder climate like in Sapporo, to have their room’s central Air Conditioner in Heater mode only. While the weather was super cold outside during winter, inside the room could be like sauna-hot when that central AC was turned on. We ended up turning it off and using the provided portable AC to have more comfortable room temperature instead. It took a while to figure it out but it was not difficult, despite we can’t read the writings in Japanese fluently. The room was quite spacious and the bed was comfortable. The room has unique design as it has the sofa to be made like a day bed and placed against the window. I could enjoy the night view of Sapporo city from the sofa while slurping my hot tea. The room seemed to have good insulation as it was very quiet and we barely could hear people outside walking in the hallway.

In the morning, we head to our breakfast. It was a buffet style breakfast. By buffet, they really spoiled the guests with so many choices. Frankly, it took me a while to decide how to start it. They pretty much has everything from Western to Japanese style foods. People seemed flocking the queue to get seafood stuffs. Fruits, while it could be very expensive in Japan, but it was plenty available here for breakfast. They also have special separate section in the corner for kids where they have foods tailored for kids (cakes, etc) as well as some toys and decorations for kids. The utensils and plates were also kids size. As expected from hotel with this caliber, the supervisors for dining area were always checking each section as well as guests tables. As soon as guest finishes their dishes, the server always pick the plates up right away.

When we finished our breakfast, we proceeded to check out and asked the concierge to keep our luggages while we were heading outside for lunch, shopping and sightseeing in Sapporo city. By the time when we got back, it was already afternoon. We got a chance to take some photos at the restaurant on first floor that had very nice interior as well as in front of some decorations in the hotel’s lobby. They have a good collection of local arts that were shown in the waiting area.

Since we only stayed for one night, we can’t review everything that this hotel has. Perhaps next time when we have a chance, we will try to cover more thoroughly. In overall, we were very satisfied with the service that this hotel provided. If there is an opportunity to come to Sapporo again, we would definitely choose this hotel again when possible.

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Hotel Review: Hotel MyStays Premier Sapporo Park
Our Takeaways
Nice hotel near the heart of Sapporo city.
Hotel Review - Comfort9
Hotel Review - Location9.5
Hotel Review - Service9
Hotel Review - Quality9.5
Hotel Review - Cleanliness9
Hotel Review - Value9
Hotel Review - Hotel Facilities9
Hotel Review - Room Amenities9
Hotel Review - Entertainment / Fun9.5
Hotel Review - Communication9
Walking distance to Ramen Alley & other entertainment places in Susukino area.
Near Subway station
Breakfast buffet is superb
Very nice big onsen inside
Room's Central AC only works in Heater mode during cold seasons (Portable AC/Humidifier is provided in the room however)
Parking lots are limited and may be a problem for tourists driving their own cars


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