We just got back from our travel to Oahu, Hawaii recently (pardon for our lengthy absence from blogging, but we managed to post some photos from our trip to TravelMaga’s Instragram which you could check it out. We will try to post our stories and experience later). During our trip back to Seattle, I had a little incident: the cup of water that flight attendant gave to me was a bit much and it spilled onto right tip of my shirt and part of my jeans.

I tried not to panic since it was just water (no harm’s done). However, I could feel the wet feeling as the water was absorbed by the fabrics in my shirt and jeans. Not sure why but my brain told me to keep calm and just wait until it dries by itself. I was thinking that it may take hours to dry them. My guess was proven wrong!

It took only about 15 minutes to have my shirt completely dry and it took another 15 minutes for my jeans to dry. I was very surprised on how fast it got dry! I literally did nothing and was just try to calm myself but the wet sensation started to dissipate and then gone within minutes. Oh my God! I was mixed with joy and anguish. Joy because I got myself super fast dryness. Anguish because I did not know how dry my body had been during the air travels all this time. The dryness inside the airplane cabin during air travel can be easily ignored for quite a while since your attention could be on something else beside your own body (tons of distractions are available during the flights: TV, Children, Foods, etc).

Ever since that incident, I promised myself to drink enough water, not just random liquids, but water. Other drinks seem to make our body even “drier”. After drinking soft drinks, my thirst did not seem to be completely gone. Even making me to want to drink some more. Don’t let your body suffer from the dryness during air travel. Drink plenty of water!


TravelMaga Admin