We usually use Narita airport every time we visited Japan. However this time, we chose Haneda airport for our arrival in Japan. We were attracted by its close proximity to Tokyo Metropolitan. Narita airport is much bigger than Haneda airport but it is also much farther.

I arrived in Japan much earlier than my family (about few days early) since I had to meet some Japanese friends first in Kyoto and Osaka. My arrival time at Haneda was around 3PM afternoon. My flight from San Francisco was quite smooth. Perhaps I was so excited and forgotten about being sleepy due to time difference. Tokyo was already in future time (if compared to Pacific Standard time).

The facilities in Haneda airport international terminal was quite new. The restrooms were clean and modern. If there was one thing that I was not prepared, it was the temperature inside the immigration area. It was steamy hot like sauna. I was wondering if they turned on the heater by mistake or just simply not enough air conditioning. As I was sweating, I told myself to bear the heat for few minutes. I went through immigration pretty fast. Only got asked for how long I would be staying and what was the purpose of my trip. After getting my luggages, I took a cart and put my luggages there (I like that using cart is free, unlike in Seattle airport that you need to pay), walking towards the customs. I was only asked whether I brought any foods or things that must be declared. I told them I brought gifts and souvenirs for my friends in Japan and showed them the bag which I carried with me all the time.

As soon as I stepped outside the customs area, there were so many people waiting outside the arrival gate. I quickly took my cart near the Tourist information area. I was looking for JR office to exchange my JR Pass voucher with the actual JR Pass (I got a 14-days pass) as well as some brochures and maps for Tokyo and Kawasaki areas.