After experiencing terrible glitch in TravelMaga’s original website last year, I had to salvage and to move it to the new hosting account. That put a dent in my original target of launching TravelMaga. I did not anticipate such thing upon doing soft-launching TravelMaga. Initially I was targeting at least by November 2017 that we could launch TravelMaga. Our (sort of) unplanned third trip to Japan in November also contributed to additional delay. With all these, I decided to no longer delaying TravelMaga launch. With many of previous travel stories that have not yet been published, I will publish them in back-dated mode (meaning I will post them in future but will use past date of when such posting is supposed to occur approximately instead). For future travels, I will not do them in same mode but may publish them as is.

Many things have not been finished currently and readers may find some missing things from our TravelMaga website. I am currently not too satisfied with few major things, especially the Review sub-system that we have in our website. Tweaking them may take a while and at the same time, I don’t want it to be a reason for further delaying TravelMaga launch. You may find issue with our commenting system (we are using Disqus) but I have tested it and so far, it seems to be working. With all of my work schedule (and others), I may find it difficult to find free time to reply and/or to moderate the comments. You may also find some postings are using few different gallery sub-systems. Hopefully I will finalize them and iron out other issues one by one.

I learnt the hard way that doing blogging while travelling can be very difficult, so you may find some blogs were actually back-dated as they normally were written after we returned from the travel. We also tried our best protecting our website but based on the security logs, we found many attempts made by unknown sources to attack our website. We kindly asked for those who meant harm to us to rescind such activities. Please be considerate to others and let us know any feedbacks that you have. With all of these shortcomings, please pardon us for the inconveniences and be patience until they are addressed. In the meantime, please enjoy our TravelMaga site.


TravelMaga Admin