We decided to resume our travel blogging after more than 6 years of hiatus, to commemorate a special promise that we made to our friends which encouraged us to resume our blog. We stopped our old travel blog on the day of Fukushima incident in March 2011. It didn’t mean that we stopped travelling. It was just we had been looking for something missing after such trauma for the meaning of our life. Many life perished that day. Our friends in Japan were affected by it tremendously. Upon our first visit to Japan in May 2007, I made a promise, in front of a rare occurring of “”Diamond Fuji”” phenomenon, that I will visit our friends again in 10 years. I did not know why I suddenly spoke such weird promise but it seemed to be a premonition. Why 10 years??? I had no clue. And here, we are about to make our trip to Japan again in March 2017. I told them it is way too long to wait for 10 years to visit them, despite of constant communication between us to keep our friendship alive. Many things had happened since then. We honestly do not know what would happen during our trip this time but we had done our planning many months before this. As our trip is nearer, the excitement builds up.

This time around, we are planning to go to Hokkaido (Hakodate, Sapporo, Otaru), Tokyo (Kinsicho and Sumida areas, Yokohama, Hachioji, Odaiba, Kawasaki, Shinagawa), Kyoto, Otsu, Osaka, Mt Fuji (Kawaguchiko and Fujinomiya), and Narita city. Two of our contributors will join us in this trip. Since our days will be full, perhaps our blogging might be disrupted by few days, so please bear with us. For this trip, we are bringing our TMobile phone with us to test its claim of coverage in Japan which is supposed to be part of our plan without extra charges for data roaming and text (voice has additional charges which varies but incoming calls are supposed to be free). It is quite daunting. We will report our finding later. Previously we were considering to rent smartphone or mobile-wifi but it’s not cost effective and we were already spending considerate portion of our budgets for accommodations, transportation and foods.

We will also post our past trips that we made during our hiatus whenever it’s possible. Our trips are not strictly for Japan and USA but we had traveled to Australia and New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada,  China, Taiwan, Europe (multiple countries), etc. Also hopefully we could bring the old archive from our previous generation of our travel blog into this new media. Enjoy!


TravelMaga Team